Privacy Policy

Our goal was to keep this thorough and easy to read - please read it through carefully, as it pertains to all signed-in activity on our site.

What We Collect

We may collect the following information - via the sign-up process or during your sign-in use:

How We Use and Protect the Information We Collect

We use some information we collect (name, photo, rafts you join, etc.) to build your profile. You control what people see in your profile by what you add there. Other information we collect, we use internally to more fully understand how you use our app and thus to improve it. No one other than our staff has access or visibility to this information, and it is used only for internal company purposes. We will not share any personally identifiable information we collect with anybody outside of Raftr, Inc. and its vendors and contractors- and then for the sole purpose of improving the app. We may share compiled information about our users with outside vendors; if we do so, the information would have no personally identifiable information for any user.

Third Party Links

If you click on any link in the app that takes you to a website other than, our Privacy Policy no longer applies. You may find the privacy policy on that site for that information.


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