Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and collect only the minimum amount of information necessary to create a good experience on our site.  We also endeavor to keep your data secure on our platform, and don’t share it with third parties for monetization purposes.

The details below explain what data we collect, how we store and process it, and what we use it for.  Our goal is to keep this policy simple and accessible.

Disclaimers and definitions

In this policy, “we”, “our”, “us”, and any other first person pronouns refer to Raftr, Inc, and any contractors we may hire to help us develop user features.  “You”. “your”, and any other second person pronouns refer to any user/users of Raftr products.

You must be 16 to consent to this policy.  If you are under 16, please contact us via to make alternate arrangements.

If you click on any link in the app and it takes you to a website other than, this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use no longer apply.  You may find the privacy policy on that site for that information.


What data we collect

We collect a minimal amount of data during the account creation process–only enough to verify your identity as a user and ensure that we can enforce our platform safety standards.  To create an account we ask you to fill out:

  • Your name
  • Your university email address (We require that you use the email address given to you by your university in order to gain access to your campus’ private Raftr ecosystem)
  • Your class year

After you create an account, you have the option to add additional information to your profile.  This information will be visible to all users on your campus. Information you can add after creating your account includes, but is not limited to:

  • A biography
  • A profile picture
  • Your user handles for other social media platforms

We also collect some information as you use Raftr.  This is necessary to create a continuous experience within the app, and again, to ensure that we can enforce our content safety policies.  The information we collect as you use the app includes:

  • What rafts you chose to join or users you follow
  • Events you are “Interested” in
  • Content you create, including
    • Messages and votes on messages
    • Interactions with posts and events (e.g. comments, votes on comments, and reactions)
    • Posts, including content you may upload as part of a post
  • What software platform you use the app on (e.g. iOS, Android, browser)

We also collect some data on how you use the app for analytics purposes.  See the following section for more information on this.

How we use the data we collect

As discussed above, we use the data we collect in the necessary operations of Raftr.  This includes things like composing your Posts and Events feeds, populating your Messages tab, and rendering the Explore page.  Additionally, we also do some behind-the-scenes data processing in order to improve your experience in the app. This includes things like generating recommendations of content you might be interested in.

We generate analytics and metrics data to help us better understand how the app is being used and to prioritize engineering work.  This includes things like the number of people who viewed a post, or commented on an event. We do some of this work internally, but we also make use of some third party services such as Google Analytics.  See the “How we share the data we collect” section for information on what gets shared with such 3rd party services.

How we store the data we collect

Our data storage is done on remote servers located in the United States.  As such, any data generated by users located outside of the United States (including users in the European Union) will be transferred to the United States for processing and storage.

We retain all personal data we collect for as long as you are a user of the app.  This is necessary for us to provide continuity in your experience. You may, at any time, request that we delete your account by contacting us at (see also the “Your rights” section below).  Upon the deletion of your account we will delete all personal data, with the following possible exceptions:

  • Data that we are obligated to keep as part of an ongoing legal investigation
  • Data that is part of an ongoing investigation surrounding a possible breach of our Terms of Use

How we share the data we collect

We share very little data that we collect.  As discussed above, some data is shared with various third party analytics tools such as Google Analytics.  We remove any personally identifying information from the data we send to analytics services, so the data there is not associated with your identity.

In certain instances, we may chose or be compelled to share data with either law enforcement or university administrators as part of our process of dealing with content violations, responding to legal process, or handling emergency situations.  An example of this could be a post where the author was threatening to hurt themselves or someone else.  This is all outlined in our Terms of Use.

Your rights to the data we collect

As part of the GDPR, you have fairly extensive rights to the data we collect.  Those rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Asking to see what data we have collected about you
  • Asking us to correct any errors pertaining to you in our data record
  • The right to have us delete the data we have collected on you
    • Note: this is essentially the same as resetting your account.  You will lose all content you have created, all raft memberships, and any additional personalization such as updates to your profile, but you will still be able to log in.
    • You can also ask us to delete your entire account, which will remove your ability to log in.  
  • The right to ask us to stop using your data in any of our processing.  Note that this is not possible without “freezing” your account, meaning you are not able to use Raftr unless or until you ask us to unfreeze it again.
  • The right to obtain a copy of your data and use it as part of your migration to another service

If you would like to take any of these steps, please contact us via

You also have the right to withdraw your consent to any of the terms laid out in this document.  Doing so will result in your account being “frozen” (meaning you are not able to use Raftr) until such time as you either re-give consent or permanently delete your account.


Cookie policy

Please see our full Cookie Policy here.


The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, a law passed by the European Union that went into effect in May of 2018.

We have mentioned the GDPR (or policies relevant to it) at several points throughout this policy, but there are a few additional points that we want to mention:


  • The GDPR lays out specific protections for Personally Identifying Information, or “PII”.  PII is a subset of “your data” and is covered in the “Your rights to your data” section. The GDPR also lays out additional rules surrounding “special PII”, which includes information about your race, religion, political preferences, and other potentially sensitive subjects (See Article 9 of the GDPR).

    Raftr does not ask you for any information relating to special PII.  However, it is possible that your activity within the app could lead us to collect information relating to special PII.  Examples include uploading a photo of yourself (which may divulge information about your race), or joining politically-themed rafts.  We make no effort to infer any information about you based on your activity in Raftr.

    According to the GDPR your consent to us collecting this data is implicit because the actions that would generate such data are publicly visible (Article 9, paragraph 2, section e of the GDPR), but we wanted to explain the situation fully.
  • As discussed in the “Data Storage” section of this policy, our data storage servers are located in the US.  By using Raftr you are giving your consent for us to transfer your data from the country in which you were located when the data was created to the US for storage.


Some campuses have a paid subscription to a suite of tools and services called ProRaftr.  These tools and services are primarily geared towards increasing efficiency for departments that post frequently.

Universities with ProRaftr subscriptions will receive copies of flagged content report in the following circumstances:

  • If the flagged content was posted on a Pro Raft managed by the university, the university will get a copy of the flag report.
  • If the content was on a publicly visible raft, we will review the report.  If we find that the content violated our Terms of Use we will forward a copy of the report and our resolution on to the university.

In the normal course of events, universities will not receive reports for content from private rafts or reports of users that have been flagged.  However, our policies as related to law enforcement and emergency disclosure also apply here, so there may be exceptions to this rule. See our Terms of Use for more information.

If you are unsure whether your university is a ProRaftr campus, please contact us at to find out.


A subset of ProRaftr campuses have an advanced subscription called RaftrEnterprise.  In addition to all the services described in the ProRaftr section, these campuses also have the option of appending their campus Code of Conduct to Raftr’s Terms of Use.  As part of this, Enterprise universities will receive copies of reports for flagged users, if the user was flagged for violations of Raftr’s Terms of Use.

Additionally, some Enterprise universities may support either automated account creation or Single Sign On (SSO) via their internal authentication or credentialing system.  In this case, we may retrieve some information (such as your name, email address, and possibly club affiliations) from the university, instead of from you directly. Any information we retrieve from the university will be editable by you, or you can contact us at if there is a mistake that you would like to rectify.  In the instances when we collect data directly from a university, it is done so to further improve the continuity of your experience on Raftr.  All of your rights as outlined in the “Your rights to the data we collect” section above still apply.

If you are unsure whether your university is an Enterprise campus, please contact us at to find out.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please ask them via  If you would like to make a request pertaining to your data, please contact our Data Controller via  

Our mailing address is:

Raftr, Inc.
3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd
Suite 251
Sammamish, WA . 98075



This document was based in part on a template from SEQ Legal (