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Life's best when you can talk about what's happening in your world with others who share your interests. Raftr connects you to the communities ("rafts") you care about. Find your people, both at your college and out in the real world. Get current on what's going on and which events you want to attend through your post feed.

A group of otters linked together is called a "raft". Sea otters are very social animals that often sleep, rest, and eat together while floating in these rafts. Rafts can include hundreds of otters connected with one another by holding hands. We see this as a metaphor for our communities.

So chime in, hold forth, have fun — and invite others to do the same. The more you do, the more exciting and engaging the happenings that entertain, inform, and connect us will be.

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Campus AmbassOtters Wanted!

Raftr is seeking students at partner universities to work with us as paid, part-time brand ambassadors (or AmbassOtters as we call them) to spread the word about Raftr on campus. Contact us today for more information and to apply.

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